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Introduction of Dermatix Advance Scar Formula Gel 9g

Dermatix Advance is a clinically proven specialised scar formula that lightens, softens, and flattens scars using CX5 Technology and Vitamin C ester. It forms a protective layer on the skin, keeping it hydrated. This promotes healing while also reducing redness and itching.

How To Use Dermatix Advance Scar Formula Gel 9g
  1. Use a mild soap and water to clean the scar area, then pat it dry.
  2. Apply a 0.5cm size to the scar’s tip and gently spread over the clean, dry, and intact scar area. A 15cm scar can be covered with a 0.5cm size.
  3. Apply to the scar 1-2 times in the same direction. (Do Not Rubble or Massage)
  4. Set aside for 1-2 minutes to dry. Dermatix Advance can be covered with cosmetics or sunscreen once it has dried. Dermatix Advance should be applied twice daily (morning and evening).
Administration Route

Only for external use. Avoid contact with your eyes and other mucous membranes such as your ears, lips, and the inside of your nose and mouth. If product does come into contact with these places, immediately rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.


It contains innovative CX5 silicone technology and Vitamin C ester.

Manufactured by

A. Menarini

Shelf Life

Check for an expiry date on the package.

How To Store Dermatix Advance Scar Formula Gel 9g
  • Keep in a dry place below 30°C.
  • Protect from light and moisture.
Side Effects

As with all medications, you may experience some side effects. Not everyone experiences it. This is not a cause for concern. However, it is so that you are aware of it.

Apart from the list of Dermatix Advance uses, there could be certain side-effects associated with the usage of the medication. Please refer to the list below:-
  1. Skin irritation
  2. Rashes
While some these symptoms are more common, there are a few rare symptoms that could also occur. If you are feeling any other symptoms (whether it is mentioned in the above list or not), please consult with a doctor immediately. Please, Consult With A Doctor if you are having rashes or blurry visions. Report if you experience any other symptoms as the above list may not be exhaustive. These symptoms become more prominent as when one is undergoing a long term therapy with this medication.
Drug/Food Interactions

There have been no interactions reported before, but please seek medical advice if you experience any symptoms after using this product.

Warning Precautions

Special precautions :

  1. Keep away from children.
  2. Be sure to close the container securely after every use.
  3. If you see some liquid when dispensing the gel from the tube; it is normal and does not affect the quality of the gel. Do not use the product if the container is damaged.
  4. Dispose the packaging responsibly after use.
  5. Stop using it if you become hypersensitive to any ingredient.
  6. Do not apply to open wounds.

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