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Heats up quickly for fast and effective relief | Non-medicated with no side effects Produces long-lasting continuous heat for for up to 12 hours. Ergonomic design to fit your abdomen comfortably. Discreet and portable for use at work or in school.

Direction for Use

  1. Tear open packaging (MenstruHeat will gradually heat up within 5 minutes upon contact with air).
  2. Peel and paste using either 1 of the 3 ways.
  3. For most heat, paste on skin. Be cautious and do not use this method if you have sensitive skin.
  4. For moderate heat, paste on top of your underwear.
  5. For least heat, paste on the underside of your shirt.
  6. Remove the product every hour and let your skin rest.
  7. Change usage method or remove product immediately if it gets too hot.


Iron, Activated carbon, WaterSalt, Vermiculite (mineral)


  1. Do not use while sleeping.
  2. Do not place extra pressure, a tight waist band or belt over the product.
  3. Check skin frequently during use.
  4. Remove product immediately if you find irritation or burn.
  5. Stop using if too hot.
  6. For external use only.
  7. Do not use if product is torn or damaged, or if contents leak.
  8. Do not apply product to broken desensitized, sensitive, frost-bitten, bruised or swelling skin.
  9. Do not use in combination with creams, rubs, lotions or salve-type analgesic products or any other forms of heat.
  10. Do not use on people unable to follow all use instructions or remove the product, including infants, young children and some elderly.
  11. Remove product before undergoing any MRI or X-ray procedures. Ask doctor before use if you are pregnant, have diabetes, poor blood circulation, rheumatoid arthritis or heart disesase.
  12. If product contents come in contact with your skin or eyes, rinse affected area with water and see a doctor immediately.
  13. Do not microwave, attempt to re-heat or plcae near heating elements as product can catch fire.